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I hope that everyone has had a relaxing and enjoyable summer!  I remember back to when I was a kid and though I loved June, I couldn't wait until school started.  I was excited about seeing my friends and meeting my new teacher. I can only wish that your child feels the same way.
We will have a few new faces around our campus this year.  We added an additional fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Athena Nuno.  Before coming to Ben Hulse she taught in Heber.  Mrs. Negrete, our SDC teacher will still be working with our students but in a different capacity.  Mr. Tyler Swartzendruber will be teaching the 4th & 5th grade SDC class this year.  He was teaching in Yuma last year. 
As many of you have noticed we have moved forward with our security fencing at Ben Hulse.  This will provide our staff and students with a more secure campus.  Every visitor will need to go into the office before walking freely around our school. 

Ben Hulse is a wonderful school.  Though the school has close to 1,000 students, I am constantly told that the school's environment is warm and friendly.  Parents and students are made to feel part of this small community.  Our school takes great pride in learning every child's name and acknowledging them throughout the school day. 

This will be my fourth year as principal at Ben Hulse School.  Prior to that I was the vice principal for 8 years. I also taught 2nd grade here at Ben Hulse for 17 years and absolutely loved every minute of it.  

As a teacher and an administrator I cannot stress the importance of reading with your children everyday,  spending time reviewing their schoolwork, and getting them to school on time and everyday. 

Ben Hulse has an active Parent Teacher Organization.  They strive to provide fun activities for the students, plan the Halloween Carnival, and raise money for the school and students.  Please join our team and be a member of our PTO.  

I'd love to hear from you.  Stop by the office anytime.  I'm looking forward to a great year with you and your children.  


Traci Gibbs

Ben Hulse Elementary School


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